Our Core business is manufacturing of wooden crates, for example ply and brace crates, slatted crates solid crates and special designed crates for heavy Duty Cargo and also manufacture quality wooden pallets.

We provide re-usable and single use crates which we create from a wide range of different materials with different attributes. Our re-usable crates are created using 12mm plywood along with 18mm ply foundations. This allows them to be re-used to reduce your packaging costs.

According to the specifications of the object you are planning to ship such as weight and how often you will use the crate itself, we make wooden crates using different types of wood which have different strength features.

Packing of crates and palletizing of pallets are also provided for additional assistance to handling the crate itself

We lash and secure containers, Flatracks at your request for added protection and security.

Crates are packed for your convenience at your premises

We ensure that our clients are satisfied with service provided. Our relationships with our customers are vital as we provide them with updates of the production of their crates and as a result are very close.   Contact us and we will attend to your requirements and discuss them.



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