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About Us

With Creatif Packers, you can find all the crating solutions that you need. Included in our services are:

Services & Benefits: 

  • Packing of crates and palletizing of pallets
  • We manufacture different wooden crates, for example: Ply and brace crates, slatted crates, solid crates and special designed crates for heavy duty cargo as well as high quality wooden pallets
  • We lash and secure containers from 6m to 12m GP’s open tops and flat racks
  • Personalized service
  • 100{5312ab11509e50ec9dba26b2e8f705cc67f7a03153417b62aab12875fa51bde7} Customer satisfaction

So Why Us?

1. We strive to provide a personalized service to our clients – whether we are providing them with crating or with a full packaging solution; every client is viewed as he or she expresses their needs and the needs are attended to with great care and professionalism. Experience has taught us that intelligence and hard work on the model under which we intend to grow our business. Call us today and let our team of professionals customize a solution unique to your requirements.

2. We are crating company that has principles such as good a corporate structure as well as respect and integrity when dealing with the belongings of our customers. In order to make use of our services, please do not think twice about picking up the phone and contacting us. We are proud to say that we have made an effort to cater for a wide array of clients with our offering of a unique packing solution for your cargo. We are a market leading crating and packing solutions company and are passionate about making sure our customers goods are kept safe and sound. So for all your crating requirements, contact Creatif Packers today.


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